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Favourite book

February 1, 2011

I was visiting my parents afew months ago when I discovered my favourite childhood book in the basement. The book was almost 37 years old and still in great condition.  I remember spending hours looking at all the pictures, over and over again. There was always something new to notice each time.  It is now one of my toddler’s favourite bedtime books. It was first published in 1966 and my book is an eleventh printing, 1974! The cover has since changed and you can still get this book. It was one of the most popular book written and illustrated by by Richard Scarry.


It is such a nice feeling to look at my childhood book with my son. My son is always asking, “What is this?” “Tell this,” it got me to thinking how this was an odd assortment of pictures especially when you can’t read the words.  What a collection of quirky images! We’ve added to the Richard Scarry storytime with this one full of Cars, Trucks and Things that go!