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This blog is a collection of sewing projects and crafts made from fabrics/materials that have been re-purposed or upcycled into something new for your home, your kids and occasionally a new thing for you. I like to keep things like fabric scraps, paper, parts of lovely boxes … if I think they have a second life as something else. There are so many things I’ve collected and stashed away waiting for their moment to be turned into something useful once again.

I hope these projects inspire you to look at materials and the things around us and make you think of other ways to reuse them. This blog is also a scrapbook where I note things that are inspiring, and how the world looks from where I stand. I’m a graphic designer living in Toronto who always seems to have a few ideas and projects on the go … I love to make things.

About choo cha: When my son was a baby, we thought he looked like a little chick and so we started calling him “choo cha,” a urdu word meaning  “little chick.”  I have always made things and now there are so many more ideas that have sprung up from wanting to make things for this curious little kid.

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