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May 19, 2016

papeterie nota bene_Drawing2

I’m drawing (again) sort of .. I joined a drawing group that meets every week and we draw “gestures.” We pose for each other, a series of 6 poses and we have a 1-minute to draw the gesture of the pose. It’s been ages since I’ve been drawing, for some reason …  drawing seems like a luxury. I’ve been joining the group, on and off over the course of the year and most recently I find myself really enjoying the meditation of drawing.

These pics are from my favourite store in Montréal, papeterie nota bene* at 3416, ave du parc. They have a unique selection of agendas, notebooks, pencils, design books and all things paper. My eyes have gleaned over almost every item in the store.

papeterie nota bene_Drawing1papeterie nota beneDrawing3

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