How to: Ipad/tablet case cover

April 15, 2013

I’ve been using my Bamboo drawing tablet (in place of a mouse) for a few months at work in an effort to reduce shoulder strain. After months of carrying my tablet to and from work wrapped in bubble wrap, I finally sewed my case in a few hours one wintery afternoon. It was surprisingly very easy to make a cover for your tablet or ipad.

It’s a very simple felt cover secured with some magnetic clasps. It has an inside flap which inserts into the felt case providing alittle extra cushion for your device.

This felt fabric was came from a beautiful wrap Hilary Radley felt coat I found in a second-hand store afew years ago. I thought the coat was too long so I trimmed the coat and there was enough extra material to make a cover for my drawing tablet and  this lovely felt necklace too – see here for tutorial.



What you will need:

  • Fabric – you’ll need fabric at least 3 times the area of your device
  • magnetic snaps (for purses and totes)
  • small strips of leather or belt webbing


  • Optional: To add some shape and rigidity, I inserted a cross stitch plastic canvas in the middle panel and sewed a piece of velvety fabric over top to secure plastic canvas. (Cross stitch plastic canvas can be found at Fabricland or in the craft departments of Target, Walmart or alternatively use any other flexible, sturdy material).

Step 1: Make a hole close to the edge of the leather strap using an awl and attach the magnetic snap. Place a dab of glue, and fold the leather strap over the snap and glue in place.

Here’s a detail of how the closure will work in the finished stage.


Step 2: Attach the matching part of the magnetic snap to the felt fabric about 1 inch from the edge.  Fold the fabric over to cover the back of the snap and sew a seam.  

Sandwich the leather straps between the 2 pieces of fabric (Place leather strips on the same horizontal with the snaps so that it will close properly.) Sew fabric together.


Step 3: Assemble together Trim the flap on an angle so the flap can easily insert into the device cover. Sew case together at the sides and flip inside out. Add some top stitching if you want and you’re to ipad case, DIY ipad tablet case


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