How to: Mittens for babies

January 23, 2013

My son bolts out of bed everyday (that includes weekends too) and says, “Let’s get the day started.” He looks forward to everyday, playing, drawing and building.  Even though I forget, I’m reminded to have fun everyday. Wishing you all a year full of curiosity and wonder.


Here’s a simple way to make some mittens for your wee little ones. These red ones were hand-me downs for when my son was afew months old. I thought it was such a great idea that I made a few larger versions until he was 18 months. It doesn’t take much fabric and old polarfleece shirts are perfect for this project.




What you will need:

  • polarfleece fabric (enough fabric to cover your baby’s hand)
  • decorative ribbon or string
  • optional – windstop fabric

Step 1: Trace the shape of your babies hand. Cut 4 mitten pieces. Cut 2 cuff pieces that is twice the width of the opening. Use some warm and cosy polarfleece. I doubled mine with a thin layer of windstop fabric.


Step 2: Sew or serge the edges of the mittens. Sew the cuff, fold over and attach to the base of the mitten. I also attached some string so that it could be threaded through your babies snowsuit. Stay warm!




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