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December 14, 2011

After spending wey too many hours in a single day on the computer- I finally had to take a break from my after-work hours on my computer these past few months. Having experienced symptoms of carpal tunnel and porting rock hard shoulders throughout the years  …  I really need to commit to making changes to the way I work at the computer.

My friend suggested using a tablet as an alternative to using the mouse until my arm/hand felt better. I have to say this has help tremdously. I have a Bamboo tablet for drawing/photoshop and now regulary use it as my “mouse.” I’ve been transporting my tablet to and from work in a makeshift notepad case and plastic padding. Tutorial or finished case to come but here are some inspirations for creating my customized version for my tablet from the many ipad and laptop cases available.

Moleskin just introduced a new collection of things that you might need to use with your moleskine notebook such as eyeglasses pencils, cases and bags

Capulet London Joanna iPad clutch case, $173, available at Not Just A Label. Visit Refinery 29 for more ipad cases that could be used a clutches.

Musettes in waxed cotton.

Mona Yip –  wander handmade leather goods


Tutorial for a Wedding clutch– which could be used as a laptop sleeve. Also Simplest Wool Laptop Sleeve DIY from Say Yes to Hoboken or Laptop sleeve tutorial


byrd & belle

Red buffalo plaid laptop sleeve

Orla Kiely

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