September 7, 2011

I know it is still officially summer but the fun and lazy parts seem over with the arrival of Labour day. It was a lovely summer with great temperatures in the city. We rented a cottage (our first time) in Blind River. Have you ever been up there?  It’s a special place with pristine water and friendly folks. Fishing is superb, I’ve been told and I can only imagine how brillant the colours must be up there in the autumn.

(Pictures were taken by my husband and afew by me)


Tansies were everywhere on the side of the road, Blind River.


The cottage was on Lake Duborne and we spent one afternoon hiking up a trail that led to the top of an old fire lookout station, (it’s part of the voyageur trail). The superb trail passed through a small creek, waterfall, beaver dam and the forest floor was dotted with the smallest bright-hued mushrooms.


The view from “Fire Tower Hill.”


On the shores of Lake Huron, Boom Camp Trail.


Why does food at the cottage taste so good?


On our way home from the Blind River we made a stop at French River. What a wonderful treat to find some wild blackberries along the trail. Adieu summer– until next year.



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