Top 5 fav children’s books

May 1, 2011


I really love collecting illustrated children’s books and really enjoy the bedtime reading with my toddler as much as he does. There are so many great illustrators out there bringing small little moments of delight through their drawings. These are my top 5 – great to start reading with your toddler and continue into preschool years. The illustrations are a delight to look at and you will always notice a new detail each time you go through the book.
  1. Iggy Peck, Architect
  2. Lost and Found, The Way back home, How to catch a star
  3. 365 Pengiuns
  4. Book of Cities
  5. Clang, Clang, Beep! Beep! Listen to the City

1. Iggy Peck,  Architect
Andrea Beatty (Author), David Roberts (Illustrator)

A story about a young boy who just loved to build things- from a diaper of towers when he was 2 to an arch made of pancakes.  He reaches 2nd grade and is forced to give it all up when his teacher hates all buildings of any sort. What is poor Iggy to do.

Book_fav5_iggypeck1Book_fav5_iggypeck3 Book_fav5_iggypeck2

2.  Lost and FoundThe Way back home, How to catch a star
Oliver Jeffers (Author)

We love the illustrations and the stories.  I could read these books over and over again. A favourite -favourite of all time. Here’s a trailer for a animated version of Lost and Found created by studio aka. Here’s a youtube video interview of the illustrator.


Oliver Jeffers – How to catch a star


Fromental/dp/081094460X”>365 Pengiuns
Jean-Luc Fromental (Author), Joelle Jolivet (Illustrator)

Each day an annonymous package arrives with a penguin in it until at the end of the year there are 365 penguins in the house. Read about the hilarious days as they try to keep the penguins fed, organized and busy through the days. An oversized book with great simple illustrations with lots of action and penguins.

Book_fav5_365penguins2 Book_fav5_365penguins1

4. Book of Cities
Piero Ventura (Author)

Wonderfully simple detailed illustrations of some of the most well-known cities in the world. It shows many ways how people live, work, travel in a city.

Book_fav5_bookofcities2 Book_fav5_bookofcities1

5. Clang, Clang, Beep! Beep! Listen to the City
Robert Burleigh (Author), Bieppe Giacobbe (Illustrator)

Graphic pictures with lots of bustling activity and words you will enjoy sounding with your little one.



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