How to: Make a hair cutting cape

May 13, 2011


I remember as a little kid getting hair trims and Toni home perms in the laundry room of our basement.  Many hopeful moments of a fabulous haircut, gorgeous curls and a brand-new me. My mom had a haircutting cape for such occasions. After a few home haircuts with my son already, it was time he got a haircutting cape to take him fthrough the next few years of home haircuts.

What you will need:

  • 1 meter of nylon fabric I found some in the clearance section at Fabricland for $2/meter. I love the pattern too.  (maybe I can whip up some shopping bags or little totes with the leftover fabric.)

Step 1: Cut fabric into a rectangle measuring about 1m x 1.2m. Fold fabric in half to get the center point and that is where you will cut a hole. It doesn’t need to be large, since it is only wrapping around your child’s neck.


Step 2: Add tie. Cut a thin strip of fabric and sew to the neckline. Finish seams. Alternatively, you can do a no-sew method of just using clothes pegs to hold the cape together or stick some velcro with adhesive on the edges (like a bib).



My husband is the “barber” in the family and got this haircutting kit from his sister, who has kids also. We noticed the haircutting video and handy guide in the box after my son’s haircut. Oh well, next time we’ll have a look yo check out some tips … Do you cut your kid’s hair?


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